Wednesday 4 February 2015

Hovercraft Experience for One (£29), Two (£58), or Four (£99) People

Hovercraft Adventures
Hovercraft Experience for One (£29), Two (£58), or Four (£99) People
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Normally a speed demon has to stick to the roads, but frankly we think that's a little dull. This deal from Hovercraft Adventures lets you pick up the pace and get a little more adventurous:
• For £29 (a £79 value) one person can enjoy a hovercrafting experience.
• Or two people can enjoy the same for £58 (a £158 value), or four people for £99 (a £316 value).
• In groups of a maximum of eight, you will first receive a safety briefing and instruction on how to drive the craft, before being let loose on driving where you'll enjoy five laps.
• Located at the Hop Farm on Maidstone Road, in Kent, just a little more than an hour from London.
• Valid Monday to Friday and Sunday. There is a surcharge for Sundays -- see fine print for details.